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The Emerald Tablet



The Alchemy Guild Church is group of people who come together to worship in the Hermetic tradition, which is based on the Emerald Tablet and dates back to ancient Egypt. The tablet is a succinct summary of the Hermetic teachings and has been the foundation of spiritual  alchemy for centuries. The Church of the Emerald Tablet was founded by Dennis William Hauck in 1996 to preserve these teachings and make them available to those interested in Hermetic initiation.

The spiritual alchemy that we practice is based on the operations of the divine One Mind and its unfoldment and perfection in matter as revealed in the Emerald Tablet. In our spiritual tradition, the One Mind is sometimes call the "AZoth," which is the singular divine presence that is the beginning and end - the Alpha and Omega (or A to Z) - of the whole universe. It is also known as the Grand Panacea, the Universal Solvent, or the Mercury of the Wise.

Members of our congregation try to serve and facilitate the telesmatic process of the AZoth, which is the divine plan of perfection in Nature, in all aspects of our daily lives. Our goal is to further the Great Work of spiritual and bodily evolution by observing and disseminating the ancient alchemical teachings of the AZoth. We minister to those inside and outside our group by revealing the path of the AZoth and how it effects the physical, mental, and spiritual levels of our being.

Our liturgy consists of ceremonies and regular worship using methods originally developed in the Hermetic tradition over the last 5,000 years. We recognize this tradition as the true perennial philosophy at the basis of most religions. Thus our saints and avatars include not only the Egyptians Thoth and Hermes but also the Buddha and Christ and many other religious leaders who have attained union with the One Mind.

Our sacraments consist of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus and other ancient texts attributed to him, including the Revelation of Hermes. The Emerald Tablet contains a concise summary of our basic philosophy, and we revere it as a one-page Bible. In our rituals we make use use of planetary tinctures, elixirs, and alchemical anointing oils. Our practices are silent prayer, personal meditation, purification, and group ritual.

Our Sabbath is Wednesday, the day of the AZoth as Mercury. Spiritual (or Sophic) Mercury is associated with the metal Quicksilver, the agent of transmutation in alchemy. We have regular services on the first Wednesday of every month. Special meetings and events are held throughout the month, as well as on the Internet.

Our code of conduct is based on respect for all life forms as part of the divine plan. We advocate a non-violent, socially responsible, and planet-friendly diet that consists of 1500-2000 calories a day. The AZoth Diet is designed to gradually decrease dependence on gross foods by relying more on transitional vegetarian foods, leading ultimately to a spiritual diet based on direct assimilation of energetic essences. Our guiding mottos are Ignis et Azoth tibi sufficiunt ("Fire and Azoth are sufficient") and Ora et Labora ("Pray and Work").

The structure of the church is in the form of the ancient Tree of Life, which we consider part of the Hermetic tradition. The kabbalistic Tree consists of a hierarchy of ten sephiroth or vessels. Each officer of the church is represented by a corresponding sephiroth and appointed by the Kether or crown sephiroth High Priest. Two other priests representing the energies of Binah and Chokmah also participate in ceremonies. The congregation is also represented on the tree by the lowest or base sephiroth (Malkuth).

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The Alchemist’s Prayer

Oh, most singular and unspeakable Presence, first and last in the universe, heighten the fury of my fire and burn away the dross of my being. Cleanse my soiled soul; bathe me in your awesome light. Set me free from my history and cut me loose from my boundaries. Unite me with the One Thing hidden in my life, wherein is my only strength. Fill me with your Presence, allow me to see through your Eye, grant me entry to your Mind, let me resonate with your Will. Make me transparent to your flame, and fashion me into a lens for your light only. Transmute me into an incorruptible Stone in your eternal service, like the golden light that surrounds you. 


© Dennis William Hauck